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SCD Triangle Program

Sarasota Contemporary Dance provides various K-12 outreach and educational dance programs for all ages and abilities including in-school workshops, k-12 special needs, Arts Integration, and after-school programs. We are a provider listed on EdExplore.

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Triangle A – Jazz, Contemporary, and Afro-Modern.
Triangle B – Creative Dance, Contemporary Ballet, and Hip-Hop.

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Sarasota Contemporary Dance believes it is highly important to individualize each lesson plan or workshop that it offers. The age and ability of the students as well as what they are currently studying with their classroom teacher informs how the company will approach the workshop and what their goals will be. Sarasota Contemporary Dance is interested in assisting in the exploration of movement as a means for communication.

They will explore creative movement with the students while incorporating the four basic elements of dance; body, energy, space, and time, as well as provide follow up lessons for the classrooms teachers and tools for getting their kids up, moving, and creating.

This exploration can be designed for 6 to 12 visits or more and can also be utilized with co-teaching a classroom lesson with teacher to help with a specific subject area.
Recent Workshops include:
Arts Education Task Force, Teaching Artists Presentation by Artistic Director (2014)
VSA (Very Special Arts)
PACE School for Girls
ACCESS Education
Community School and Partnerships (C/SPA)
Local Public Elementary, Middle, and High Schools (Sarasota, and Manatee Counties)
Any Given Child Sarasota