SCD Studio Classes

Yellow - Beginner friendly class (ages 14 & up)
Red - Int/advanced class (ages 14 & up)
Purple - SCDE performance / training company (ages 14 & up)
Green - Older Adult Friendly / Beginner Friendly

Master class with KATHLEEN CANDALES!

Join Kathleen Candales for her monthy Latin Fusion Master Classes at SCD!

December 3rd from 6-7:30pm

Price: $15, class cards can be used for this class!

Click the link below to register!

Latin Dance Fusion: This class fuses the elements of Modern, Jazz, Hip Hop, and Contemporary technique with Latin rhythms in genres including salsa, cumbia, merengue, afro-Cuban and more.  This class will take you through exercises that strengthen technique, musicality, stamina, and flexibility while breaking down the intricacies of Latin dance rhythms. You will learn Choreography that is both invigorating as well as challenging.  Have fun while building stamina and emphasizing body isolations, developing a strong, confident attitude, coordination, and free expression..

Latin fusion class

SCD Kids Workshop Classes

Fall Workshop Date: Saturday, November 13th
Winter Workshop Date: Saturday, January 22nd
Spring Workshop Date: Saturday, April 9th  

Little Groovers (ages 4-7)  12:30-1:30pm
Intermediate Movers  (ages 8-12) 1:30-2:30pm

$15/class$20/ both classes (sibling rate)

SCD's Kids Workshops will explore a variety of dance styles, including creative movement, contemporary, jazz and hip-hop. This fun and exciting workshop will be taught by SCD's dynamic teaching artists, Elisha Byerly and Monessa Salley. If you're looking for a fun activity for your child to explore their creative side, come join us for these wonderful Kids Workshops


Fees / Purchase a Package

Adult Classes:
DROP IN $15/class
Zoom Drop in $10/class
Class Cards:
10 Class Card $120
20 Class Card $225
Unlimited Options:
Monthly Unlimited $120
(can only choose one option)
$10 First Class
$30 for 3 class
Annual Registration $30
4 Classes $120/month
Unlimited Classes $150/month
**Scholarship/ financial assistance available!

Class Descriptions



SCD offers a wide range of contemporary dance classes from beginner (no experience) to advanced. Classes are taught by SCD dancers and introduce the basic fundamentals of contemporary dance technique including floor work, inversions, improvisation, and phrase work. Each class begins with a full body warm-up and then transitions into spacious, athletic, and sometimes inverted phrases, encouraging awareness to sensation, movement efficiency, and individual performance. A rich sense of community and support is fostered as dancers are guided to fall, roll, and fly across the floor together.


This class contains a fusion of modern, jazz, and ballet. This unique style explores a wide range of organic, angular movements and syncopated rhythms with a base in classical technique. This type of dancing is fun and energetic and includes leaps, turns, and floor work. It’s a fun way to move and express oneself!

Urban Dance

Urban style dance focuses on krumping, electro dance, b-boy+girl origin, locking, popping, house, vogue, wacking, fuzed an original flare of contemporary hip hop and latin dance.

Beginner/Intermediate Tap

Tap is a form of dance where rhythmic sounds are created by the feet, typically performed in tap shoes, with or without, musical accompaniment. In this class, we will work on mastering a vocabulary of basic tap steps; everything will be broken down. As the classes progress, we will start to combine the basic tap steps into short combinations, eventually increasing the speed in which skills are performed.  This class is built on progressions; each class will review learned skills and also continuously build new tap skills.  This class is open to any level tapper, although, regular attendance is suggested for beginner tappers.(Although, it is ideal to have a pair of tap shoes for this class, you can still learn this style while dancing with bare feet, or, in socks, sneakers, or jazz shoes.)


Afro-Modern dance is a contemporary class where students explore full body expressions rooted in West African, Caribbean, and American dance traditions. The class/movement is designed to enhance rhythm, coordination, balance, weight shift, and increase stamina.  The overall desire is for participants to feel comfortable in their moving bodies, groove together as a community, and have fun!

Improvisation - Dancing in the Moment:

This engaging and fun class helps adults express their joy of movement through the art of improvisational dance. There are no steps to learn, just a desire to move freely, thoughtful and expressive ways in response to the music, poetry and the visual stimuli which surround you. All in a totally joyous and supportive group setting that is great for mind, body and spirit.

Pilates and Stretch:

This class will introduce several modalities from Pilates through conditioning exercises that can be modified to each person’s ability. The three essential tools taught in this class are personal body awareness, stretching, and strengthening in a nonimpact, balanced structure. The class ends with a reflection time, which will be lead as participants “scan their body” using their breath and focus while digesting information and discoveries found in class.

Yoga for Recovery:

Aimed for active recovery, this class is geared towards athletes of all levels to increase flexibility, circulation, and stability. From start to finish, the class is conducted under the mission of breath and the reminder that this essential airflow through the body is the impetus of all movement and life. No equipment or Yoga experience necessary.