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SCD Class Schedule

Spring 2019: January 14th - May 25th


No Classes: Spring Break 3/18 & 3/21



No Classes : 4/26 & 4/27



Class Descriptions

Kids Classes (K-6th) :

Kids Contemporary (Xuan):

This class begins with a simple warm up, followed by learning core movements for contemporary dance. Students will be encouraged to build their confidence and express their feelings with dance, and props will be used to stimulate their creativity.

Kids Hip Hop (Rick):

This upbeat class will build a foundation of basic hip hop movements derived from a combination of street, funk, jazz, and social dance. The class begins with a warm up full of free styling, conditioning, and stretching and then moves on to fun choreography. This class is a blast and gives your child the opportunity to express themselves while learning basic rhythm and understanding of Urban Technique.

Fitness Classes ( All Ages)

SCD Fitness (Dance Moves w/ Xuan)*:

This class is an integrated approach to contemporary dance and fitness. We will use elements of Latin, modern dance and hip hop to get your body moving. The class is designed to be moving most of the time for a solid cardio workout.

SCD Fitness (Chore Fit w/ Melissa)*:

This class offers a fun way to burn calories, stay in shape, and let loose. Each class includes fun, repetitive choreographed dance moves inspired by hip hop, jazz, and athletic training. Who needs to go to the gym when you can dance the fat off? NO dance experience needed!

Pilates (Leymis):

This class will introduce several modalities from Pilates through conditioning exercises that can be modified to each person's ability. The three essential tools taught in this class are personal body awareness, stretching, and strengthening in a nonimpact, balanced structure. The class ends with a reflection time, which will be lead as participants “scan their body” using their breath and focus while digesting information and discoveries found in class.

Yoga for Recovery & Stability (Mel RYT200): 

Aimed for active recovery, this class is geared towards athletes of all levels to increase flexibility, circulation, and stability. From start to finish, the class is conducted under the mission of breath and the reminder that this essential airflow through the body is the impetus of all movement and life. No equipment or Yoga experience necessary. 

Yoga Conditioning (Mel RYT200): 

This class is a full-body workout, encompassing elements of strength training and light cardio to get the most out of your flow. Expect to be continuously moving throughout this Vinyasa-inspired class, which becomes almost like a dance. For the ultimate combination of strength and grace, join us for this unique yoga class. 


Beginner Contemporary (Mel):

This class is an introduction to the foundation of contemporary dance and is suited for the complete beginner looking for a fun way to work out, those at the beginning of their dance journey, or more experienced movers wanting to take it back to basics. In the warm up, a large focus is placed on breath, aiming to warm the body from the inside out. Dancers will be introduced to floor work, phrase work, inversions, and basic technique. Each class also includes a conditioning element to build strength and stamina. And - it’s all about having FUN!

Beginner/ Intermediate Contemporary (Xuan):

This class builds routines as it progresses, beginning with floor work and stretching and proceeding to isolation development, moving from the head downwards. This class is inspired by Xuan’s years of dance experience in Taiwan and Australia. This class also incorporates improvisation to influence movement which allows it to be suitable for beginner as well as intermediate movers.

All Levels Contemporary class (Claudia):

A high-energy class that is open to all! Through a combination of different contemporary, modern, and improvisational techniques, we will explore the space within our bodies and beyond our bodies and encourage each other to reach for more. Simple, full-bodied, and improvisational tasks will guide us through our warm up, followed by accumulating center phrases — working on the floor, finding weight on our hands, and flying through the air — that blend dynamic range and boundless exploration. Within each class, our goals are to become more spacious and thoughtful movers, all while acknowledging the value in what we already have and enjoying the ride. 

Advanced Contemporary (Rotates):

Join current SCD company members in this open company class. This is SCD's most advanced contemporary dance class. Teaching artists rotate every week between Artistic Director, company dancers, and guest choreographers. Come take class alongside the company dancers!

Contemporary Jazz (Melissa):

This class contains a fusion of modern, jazz, and ballet. This unique style explores a wide range of organic, angular movements and syncopated rhythms with a base in classical technique. This type of dancing is fun and energetic and includes leaps, turns, and floor work. It’s a fun way to move and express oneself! 

Urban Technique (Rick):

This upbeat class will build the foundation of basic hip hop movement derived from a combination of street dance, funk, jazz, and social dance. Urban Technique requires high energy, builds attention to detail, and develops understanding of complex rhythms. Students will focus on the importance of isolations and dynamics to execute movements.

Adult Improvisation/Dancing in the Moment (Marsi):

This engaging and fun class helps adults express their joy of movement through the art of improvisational dance. There are no steps to learn: just a desire to move in free, thoughtful, and expressive ways in response to the music, poetry, and the visual stimuli which surround you, all in a totally joyous and supportive group setting that is great for mind, body and spirit.

Dance Improvisation Workshop (Marsi):

A performance opportunity project for dancers and non-dancers (including seniors) interested in exploring improvisational dance as a performance art form. There are no steps to learn: just a desire to move in interesting, thoughtful, and expressive ways in response to art, music, sound, and text. Be part of the creative process of dance making in a supportive group setting. Developing dance in the moment is fun, exciting, and rewarding! You are not required to perform, but it would be great if you did!!


Dances from the African Diaspora (Mecca):

A multi-generational experience that will encourage participants to experience dance from the African Diaspora, traveling from the Caribbean to the west coast of Africa. This class promises to keep you moving to the beat of the drum. All ages and levels welcome!

Red Tent (Leymis / Rachel): 

This class invites women from all walks of life, with or without dance experience, to join and celebrate the feminine spirit through dance. The class is led by Artistic Director Leymis Bolaños Wilmott, who cultivates a safe place to share the joy of dance while moving and creating together.


Kids Classes (K-6th):
$69 for Registration & First Month
$54 per Month (Feb-May)
Tuition Total : $270

Adult Classes:
DROP IN $18/class

Class Cards:
10 Class Card $150 20 Class Card  $240 Improvisational Group $100

Unlimited Options: Unlimited Month(Includes all classes) $120 Unlimited Semester(Includes all classes) $480 Monthly Unlimited Fitness Package (Includes Dance Fitness, Yoga, Pilates) $90 

Dances from the African Diaspora:
DROP IN $10/class

NEW STUDENT DISCOUNTS: (can only choose one option) $10 First Class $20 for 10 Consecutive Days $30 for 3 class

**Scholarship/ financial assistance available!


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Specialized Classes

Red Tent (Dance Class for Women) w/ Live Drumming

This class invites women from all walks of life with dance experience and those with none to join and celebrate the feminine spirit through dance. The class is led by Artistic Director Leymis Bolaños Wilmott who cultivates a safe place to share the joy of dance while moving and creating together.

Class Schedule: Fridays, September 7 - November 30
                              *No Classes 10/12 & 11/23
Time: 4:30-5:30 PM
Fees: $18/Class


Master Classes

Rosanna Tavarez - Countertechnique®
March 13 @ 10:00am-11:30am

Before seeing her work, Hybrids of Plants and of Ghosts, performed as part of our In Studio Series, join Rosanna for a master class in Countertechnique! Rosanna received her MFA in Choreography from Ohio State University and has a diverse background as a performer/entertainer. She began studying Countertechnique with Master Teacher Nina Wollny in 2011 and was selected to attend the Countertechnique Teacher Training program in 2016. She is now 1 of 6 certified American Countertechnique Teachers, on faculty at Relativity School and CalState LA, and creates her own dance-theatre work under the moniker LA DANSA DANSA. 

By continuously and sequentially directing and counter directing parts of the body through space, Countertechnique allows the moving dancer to work with an ever-changing dynamic balance which reduces the pressure on the overall body structure. The consistent use of the counter direction in all movements is key to the technique; both the awareness and application of this principle is trained throughout the Countertechnique® class.

Location: Sarasota Contemporary Dance
                  1400 Blvd. of the Arts, Ste. 300
                  Sarasota, FL 3423

Cost: $20



January 12th 2019

1O AM - 1PM



10 am Breakfast/Sign in/Meet & Greet


10:30-10:50 Kids Urban

10:50-11:05 Kids Contemporary/Creative Mvt


11:10-11:30 African

11:30-11:45 Adult/Kids Fitness


11:50-12:05 Adult Urban

12:05-12:20 Adult Contemporary

12:20-12:35 Adult Contemporary Jazz

12:35-12:50 Improvisation