SCD Class Schedule


Fall 2019 : August 19th - December 14th No Classes: 9/2, 10/10,11/27-11/30, 12/5

NO Pilates or Yoga 9/2, 10/9, 10/14, 12/4
Open Company Class varies - check FITLI Calendar

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Class Descriptions


Kids Hip Hop:

This upbeat class will build a foundation of basic hip-hop movements derived from street, funk, jazz and social dance. The class begins with a warm up full of free styling, conditioning and stretching then moves on to fun choreography. This class is a blast and gives your child the opportunity to express themselves while learning basic rhythm and understanding of Urban Technique.

Kids Contemporary:

This class is designed to introduce young dancers to the basic skills and concepts of contemporary dance, while encouraging their own creativity and individual expression. With focuses on fluidity, musicality, and expanding their movement vocabulary, this class will offer a fun, positive environment for students to grow their self-confidence and creative voice.



SCD offers a wide range of contemporary dance classes from beginner (no experience) to advanced. Classes are taught by SCD dancers and introduce the basic fundamentals of contemporary dance technique including floor work, inversions, improvisation, and phrase work. Each class begins with a full body warm-up and then transitions into spacious, athletic, and sometimes inverted phrases, encouraging awareness to sensation, movement efficiency, and individual performance. A rich sense of community and support is fostered as dancers are guided to fall, roll, and fly across the floor together.


This class contains a fusion of modern, jazz, and ballet. This unique style explores a wide range of organic, angular movements and syncopated rhythms with a base in classical technique. This type of dancing is fun and energetic and includes leaps, turns, and floor work. It’s a fun way to move and express oneself! 

Latin Hip Hop:

This class combines elements of Hip Hop technique and Latin Dance. This class will take you through exercises that strengthen technique, musicality, stamina and flexibility while breaking down the intricacies of urban Latin dance rhythms. You will learn Choreography that is both invigorating as well as challenging.  Have fun while building stamina and emphasizing body isolations, developing a strong, confident attitude, coordination and free expression.

Improvisation/Dancing in the Moment:

This engaging and fun class helps adults express their joy of movement through the art of improvisational dance. There are no steps to learn, just a desire to move in free, thoughtful and expressive ways in response to the music, poetry and the visual stimuli which surround you. All in a totally joyous and supportive group setting that is great for mind, body and spirit.

Red Tent:

This class invites women from all walks of life, with or without dance experience, to join and celebrate the feminine spirit through dance. The class cultivates a safe place to share the joy of dance while moving and creating together.

Dances from the African Diaspora: (only once a month)

A multi-generational experience that will encourage participants to experience dance from the African Diaspora, traveling from the Caribbean to the west coast of Africa. This class promises to keep you moving to the beat of the drum. All ages and levels welcome!


Adult Classes:
DROP IN $15/class

Class Cards:
10 Class Card $120

Unlimited Options: Monthly Unlimited $120

NEW STUDENT DISCOUNTS: (can only choose one option) $10 First Class $30 for 3 class

Registration: $15
1 Class (Hip Hop or Contemporary) $55
2 Classes (Hip Hop and Contemporary) $80

Registration $15
4 Classes $110/month
Unlimited Classes $140/month

Improvisational Group

**Scholarship/ financial assistance available!