Heidi Brewer is a Pacific Northwest native and University of Washington who has worked as a performer and collaborator in Seattle, New York and Los Angeles with Mark Haim, Rebecca Davis, Cori Marquis and The Nines [IX], Gretchen Weber, Josselyn Levinson & Michael Richman, Milka Djordjevich, Pennington Dance Group, Lionel Popkin, Myrrhia Rodriguez, Gracie Whyte, WHYTEBERG, Mollie Wolf, and Kevin Williamson since 2001. Her own work has been shown at Pieter and Highways Performance Space in Los Angeles, where she also founded the LAYERS platform to produce 3 workshops in L.A. between 2017-2018. Currently based in Tampa Bay, Heidi is working with Michael Foley, ProjectALCHEMY, Jessica Obiedzinski,  RogueDance and Sarasota Contemporary Dance, is teaching for the Dance – Next Generation Program at Sarasota Ballet and is the Communications Director at Kinected Pilates Studio in NYC. She is honored to be joining Sarasota Contemporary Dance as a project-based dancer this year!