Benjamin Howe (Dancer) has been dancing and choreographing with Sarasota Contemporary Dance since 2012. He was born in Cleveland, Ohio and started choreographing and dancing with Tri-Kolours, which performed at local venues throughout Ohio. Benjamin then moved to Phoenix, where he pursued acting and dance. In 2001, he co-founded Nebellen Dance Company (2001-2007) which combined street dancing with traditional styles. Benjamin obtained his dance degree from ASU while directing and touring with the company. He has also choreographed and danced with the Phoenix Mercury Hip Hop Squad, Black Theater Troupe, and IWII. Loving to bring his imagination to the stage and to work with dancers from all different backgrounds, Benjamin recently became an international choreographer, setting a duet titled Pangea in Changchun, China with Dwayne Scheuneman and Lui Yan. Benjamin would like to thank his wife Daovone and son Leander for their love and support.